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Angie Byrnes

Angie Byrnes

Founder & CEO

With over 20 years of industry experience, Angie started Spark 180 in 2013 to focus exclusively on analyst relations. By cultivating a limited and prestigious clientele, she enjoys maintaining a hands-on role in each client's analyst relations strategy, from which analyst firms to focus on to briefing prep to managing major evaluations. Angie previously served as VP of Marketing at imc², a leading digital agency with a robust analyst relations program. She also created the agency’s first BD communications department, where her team played an instrumental role in bringing new clients such as Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Pizza Hut, GSK and The Coca-Cola Company on board. Angie began her career as a technical writer at EDS.


Jen Kelley

Director of Analyst Relations

Jen has refined a diverse array of marketing and brand strategy skills into a specialized focus on analyst relations within the technology and services sectors. Proficient in engaging with research analysts, clients, and internal teams at global corporations, she adeptly delivers creative, strategic solutions that enhance corporate reputations. With experience spanning from small tech startups to global commercial giants, Jen excels in tailoring her approach to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each client. Her strategic insights ensure that companies not only grow in visibility but also in credibility within their respective industries.

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Sarah Deeney

Director of Communications

Concentrating on high-quality performance drives Sarah to be an effectual part of our analyst relations team. Her robust experience in brand marketing and public relations make her a natural fit to expanding her repertoire in account management and business marketing with Spark 180. With clear and effective communication skills and as a talented wordsmith, Sarah thrives in igniting mutually beneficial relationships between clients and analysts, as well as providing internal support to our team. Sarah’s experience ranges from consumer products, to non-profits, to small tech startups and beyond. 

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