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We offer various training modules (in-person or virtual) to help you create and manage your own successful analyst relations program. Although training is tailored to best meet each client’s needs, high-level topics typically covered include:

Foundational (for those who will be actively involved)

  • Analyst relations overview

  • Creating strategic and tactical plans

  • Developing realistic (and measurable) goals

  • Processes, best practices and resources

  • Contracts with analyst firms

Executive (for executives who need to understand how teams will be involved)

  • Analyst relations overview and investment benefits

  • Expectations for executives and their team members

  • Process overview

SME/Spokesperson (for anyone who will be speaking with analysts)

  • Process for interactions such as briefings, inquiries and interviews

  • What to expect during interactions

  • Do's and don’ts for effective analyst interactions

Partner Program

With the Partner Program, we provide training plus additional hands-on guidance and feedback for 30 days to ensure you have a strong foundation for building and executing your own analyst relations program. This includes:

  • Feedback on strategic and tactical plans (plan development included in training)

  • Feedback on initial content needed for analyst engagement (such as briefing decks and case studies)

  • Review of communications for initial analyst outreach prior to sending (such as research inquiries, briefing requests, and intro emails)

  • Prep packet for first briefing, inquiry and research interview, and facilitation of related prep meetings

Fully Outsourced

For companies that want us to handle it all. Includes everything in the Partner Program, plus full implementation of the plan and management of all interactions with analysts. You provide the subject matter expertise, and we do the rest.

Turn-Key for Startups

Recently launched in response to the current demand from a surge of new tech startups, our turn-key solutions offer a cost-efficient alternative to our other services. From on-demand training packages to process guides to direction in how to effectively manage major evaluations (such as Waves or MQs), if you need help but not hand-holding, this option is for you.

Ready to get started? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation today.

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